A Bevendale Diamond

On Easter Sunday, 1947, a diamond wedding celebration was held at ‘Mayfield’ (near Bevendale) for James and Emma Noakes. According to the Goulburn Post, every descendant of the couple attended, 160 in all, celebrating in a marquee decorated with bright streamers and flowers. Even the couple’s elderly bridesmaid was there. Toasts were made and messages from the King and Queen, the Governor-General, and other well-wishers were read aloud by a master of ceremony. Even the cake maker, Elsie Medway, a married daughter of James and Emma, got a toast at the breakfast, after which, the top tier of the wedding cake from the Golden Wedding celebration was displayed. After the breakfast formalities had wrapped up, the tables were cleared and reset for a more intimate and relaxed dinner celebration. What do you get a couple who have been married for 60 years? A pair of easy-chairs, of course. James Noakes would die almost exactly one year later, on Easter Sunday, 1948.

The photo (from my collection) posted below, appears to have been taken at this celebration. The people surrounding Emma and James appear to be their many grandchildren. In the article by the Goulburn Post, it is mentioned that there were 38 grandchildren in attendance.

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Mentioned in this post:
Emma Noakes (nee Brown) b.1869 d.1955
James Noakes b.circa1862 d.1948
Elsie Alma Levinia Medway (nee Noakes) b.1894 d.1972
‘Mayfield’ : A rural property off Kiowarrah Rd, Bevendale, north of Dalton, east of Boorowa, New South Wales.

Links, sources and further reading:
Trove Article; Diamond Wedding at Bevendale
Isabell Alchin & family; oral history account


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  1. Hi,

    We are the current Owners of Mayfield, any other photos of the farm that you may be able to share would be interesting.
    Ian & Nicole


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