Friend family tree

The Friend family line that is relevant to my ancestry, and the stories (that will later be) contained on these pages, has its beginnings in Australia with Thomas Friend and Mary Friend, who arrived in New South Wales in 1841 as Assisted Immigrants on board the Burhampoota (or Barhamporter). The Friend family members who are significant to my family line have lived in Camden, Parkesbourne and Dalton, New South Wales.

The pedigree register beginning with Thomas and Mary Friend is detailed below. Other family names that feature in my Friend line of ancestors include; Brown, Apps and Crago.

  1. Thomas Friend (b.1812) m. Mary Piper (b.1818)
    Children: Thomas, Samuel, Mary, Caroline, Jesse, Harriet, William, George, Emma,  Grace, Charlotte, Richard, Sarah, Johanna, Charles, James.
    (Mary Friend died after giving birth in 1861. Thomas remarried Caroline Kelly in 1862 who died the very next year. Thomas then married Elizabeth Losbey in 1868)
  2. Samuel John Friend (b.1840) m. Harriet Apps (b.1842)
    Children: Philadelphia, Samuel, Mary, Thomas, Grace, William, Walter, Emily.
  3. Walter Charles Friend (b.1880) m. Florence Ethel Brown (b.1889)
    Children: Lindley, Clarence, Thelma, Alan, Donald, May, Joyce, Clifford, Kenneth.
  4. Kenneth Ray Friend (b.1930) m. Valda Alison Baker (b.1929)
    Children: Peter, Terry, Maree
  5. Peter Douglas Friend (b.1954) m. Lorraine Joy Alchin (b.1956)
    Children: Amanda, Matthew (this websites author).
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