Recently I have completed a family history project, during which I have traced my direct ancestors from today, to the point they arrived in Australia. The project traced and detailed over 120 direct ancestors from 25 different family groups. After writing up my document I found I had a number of items that didn’t quite have a place in the report. These items include photos, news articles, stories and conversations that I have researched or had along the way. Some of the family lines I have investigated prove difficult to find information on, and many people have expressed interest in my research, particularly those living in the areas that these old family groups once lived. It is for these reasons that I have decided to share some of these stories here. Perhaps they will be of interest to some, and maybe even encourage others to find out more and continue the story. Most of the accounts given here occur within a small area in rural New South Wales where the great majority of my ancestors lived, and continue to live today. These areas primarily include the small towns of Dalton and Gunning; as well as the rural districts of Bevendale, Blakney Creek and Rye Park, all areas within the County of King.

Family Line Tree - Page 1
Guide to family lines detailed on these pages

I will attempt to keep posts, detailing close family groups, together and provide the basic information required to further research or identify the people who may also feature in your family tree. I have attempted to source most materials used here however, as is the nature of family research, many of the stories were provided originally by oral accounts, given by relatives of the descendant in question. In most of these cases I have attempted to verify the account by official documentation, where it exists. I do not intend to share all the research and information I have collected here, but I would be happy to discuss issues or events that you may be interested in or would like to know more about. In which case, please get in touch with me via the contact page.

County of King, New South Wales
‘The County of King, New South Wales’ taken from the Atlas of the Settled Countries of New South Wales. c.1872

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