Bevendale Pony walks around the world (twice!).

In 1947 the ‘Burrowa News’ (as it was called before 1951) and the ‘Crookwell Gazette’, ran a story about a local horse. The pony, whose name is not given, was reared by a Mrs. Hines; a Benvendale local. The pony was used in the local mail run, and the Crookwell Gazette estimates it travelled, in its 38 years of life, approximately twice around the world. The horse, according to the Burrowa News, was “Later acquired by Mrs. Whittington”. Evelyn ‘May’ Whittington was the daughter of Emma and James Noakes of ‘Mayfield’, near Bevendale, New South Wales and was known to have been a mail contractor making deliveries in the local area. It is not known if she used the pony that this article writes about; but it is possible. The above photo is of Evelyn ‘May’ Whittington with, what I believe to be, the old pony from the story.

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Mentioned in this post:
Evelyn ‘May’ Whittington (nee Noakes) b.1889 d.1976
Emma Noakes (nee Brown) b.1869 d.1955
James Noakes b.circa1862 d.1948

Links, sources and further reading:
Trove Article: Pony’s Great Age



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