Brown family tree

The Brown family line that is relevant to my ancestry, and the stories that will be contained on these pages, has its beginnings in Australia with two Brothers, Thomas and William, sons of James and Mary Brown. These two brothers are rather significant to my ancestry as they are direct ancestors to three of my four grandparents. Both my paternal and maternal grandfathers are direct descendants of Tom Brown through his children Sophie Brown and Elias Brown respectively, while my maternal grandmother is a direct descendant of Tom’s brother, William Brown.

The two Brown brothers arrived New South Wales, with their families, in April 1838 on the ship Duchess of Northumberland. They initially lived at Cobbity Paddock, near Camden. Around 1845 the two Brown brothers, their wives and children all pack up and move south. They settled in the Dalton and Gunning regions, later expanding out to Bevendale. There are many Browns still living in these areas today. The pedigree register, beginning with James and Mary Brown is detailed below.

1. James Brown (b.unknown) m. Mary (b.unknown)
Children: 2aThomas (1806), 2bWilliam Brown (1812), possible others unknown.

2a. Thomas (Old Tom) (b.1806) m. Sarah Turk (b.1811)
Children: Stephen, Harriett, James , Sophia (see Wheatley tree), Sarah, Thomas, Caroline, David, Benjamin, Mary, Elias (1854), Henry, Ebenezer, Job.
3a. Elias (1854) m. Mehetabel Crago(1860)
Children: William, Florence (1889), Frederick, Dorothy, Sadonia, Miriam
4a. Florence Ethel Brown (b.1889) m. Walter Charles Friend (b.1880)
Children: Lindley, Clarence, Thelma, Donald, Alan, May, Joyce, Clifford, Kennith.

2b. William Brown (b.1812) m. Susannah Parris (b.1814)
Children: Ann, William, Thomas, Spencer, John Charles (1843), Elizabeth, William, Stephen.
3b. John Charles Brown (b.1843) m. Maria Wheatley (b.1848)
Children: Emma (1869), Spencer, Eliza, Charles, David
4b. Emma Brown (b.1843) m. James Noakes (b.1862)
Children: Evelyn, Herbert, Silas, Christina, Alice, Matilda, Beatrice, Charles, George, Ethel.
(See Noakes family tree for continuation)

Combined Brown Tree
Brown Family Tree – click to enlarge

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