Wheatley Family Tree

The Wheatley family line that is relevant to my ancestry, and the stories that will be contained on these pages, has its beginnings in Australia with three siblings, John, Lucy and David;  the children of John (snr.) and Elizabeth Wheatley. These three Wheatley siblings are significant to my ancestry as John (I) and Lucy contribute many members to my maternal grandfathers family line while David is an ancestor of my maternal grandmothers family line.

John Wheatley (I) and his wife Philadelphia Wheatley appear to have immigrated to Australia in 1838 with their young family, including John Wheatley (II). Although definitive records are yet to be obtained it appears they may have travelled on board the William Metcalfe which arrived in Sydney on 31 August. They stayed initially at Parramatta (where Philadelphia died) and then near Camden.

Lucy Pollard (nee Wheatley) and husband William Pollard immigrate to Australia as bounty immigrants with their three children in 1838 on board the Dutches of Northumberland. They arrive in Port Jackson, Sydney on April 22 after leaving Sussex, England via Gravesend on the Thames River.

David Wheatley, his wife Elizabeth Wheatley (nee Wilson) and two children arrive in Sydney on the Roxburgh Castle in 1839.

After living a short period in the Camden area the members of this family make a move south. John (I) moves to ‘Waggallallah’ (near Gunning). David also moves nearby. Lucy and her husband William move to Jerrawa, near Dalton, New South Wales. The Wheatley family leaves a large legacy in the area having made significant economic and social contributions. The pedigree register, beginning with John (snr) and Elizabeth Mercy Wheatley is detailed below.


1. John Wheatley (snr) (b.1756) m. Elizabeth Mercy Wheeler (b.1773)
Children: 2aJohn, 2bLucy, 2cDavid, others unlisted.

2a. John Wheatley (I) (b.1792) m. Philadelphia Ashby (b.1802)
Children: John, Ann, William, George, Henry, Josiah, Joanna
3a. John Wheatley (II) (b.1823) m. Emma Louise Stead (b.1834)
Children: John Frederick, Caroline, Emma
(John later married Christine Shaw b.1837 and had 10 additional children)
4a. John Frederick Wheatley (II) (b.1852) m. Ellen O’Donnell (b.1860)
Children: Malcolm, Christina, Millicent, Euphemia, Mary, Frederick, Alexander, Albert, Annie.
5a. Annie Louise Wheatley (b.1885) m. Harold Alchin (b.1888)
(see Alchin family tree for continuation)

2b. Lucy Wheatley (b.1804) m. William Pollard (b.1806)
Children: Margaret, Benjamin, Emily, Frances, Ellen.
3b. Benjamin Pollard (b.1833)  m. Sophia Brown (b.1839)
Children: Joseph, Sarah, Mary, Thomas, Ellen Louise, Stephen, Richard, Elias, Hannah, Martha.
(Benjamin later married Martha Atkins and had 16 additional children)
4b. Ellen Louise Pollard (b.1864) m. Henry Richard Alchin (b.1861)
Children: Lillian, Hercules, Harold, Olive, Clyde.
5b. Harold Alchin (b.1888) m. Annie Louise Wheatley (b.1885)
(see Alchin family tree for continuation)

2c. David Wheatley (b.1802) m. Elizabeth Wilson (b.1801)
Children: James, Stephen, Eliza
3c. James Wheatley (b.1828) m. Eliza Holgate (b.1831)
Children: Maria, David, Eliza, Harriett, Charles, Emma, Mary
4c. Maria Wheatley (b.1848) m. John Charles Brown (b.1843)
(see Brown family tree for continuation)

Wheatley Family Tree by Matthew Friend
Wheatley Family Tree – click to enlarge

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