Whittington Family Tree

The Whittington family line that is relevant to my ancestry, and the stories contained on these pages has its beginnings in Australia with Charles Whittington (b.1822) who arrived in New South Wales around 1855 as an unassisted immigrant. The Whittington family descendants have lived in several places since arriving in Australia, including; Tarlo (north of Goulburn), Crookwell and the rural districts of Bevendale and Blakney Creek.

The pedigree register beginning with Charles Whittington is detailed below. Other family names that feature in my Whittington line of ancestors include; Morley, Yates, Pettit, Taylor, Boland, Moore and Noakes.

  1. Charles Whittington (b.1822) m. Mary Ann Pettit (b.1824)
    Children: Charles Robert (1861), James (1863), Joseph (1863), Henry (1866)
  2. Charles Robert Whittington (b.1861) m. Cecilia Isabel Taylor (b.1866)
    Children: Charles H, Cecilia I, William Henry (Bill), Ellen E, Ruby I, Frederick G, Sarah J, Robert E (Ted), Charles E (Earnie), Leonard L
  3. William Henry (Bill) Whittington (b.1889) m. Evelyn May Noakes (b.1889)
    Isabell Emma (1922), William Charles (Bill) (1924), Leslie (Miles) (1925)
  4. Isabell Emma Whittington (b.1922) m. Frederick Otho Alchin (b.1917)
Whittington Tree
Whittington family tree – click to enlarge


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