Bevendale Pony walks around the world (twice!).

In 1947 the 'Burrowa News' (as it was called before 1951) and the 'Crookwell Gazette', ran a story about a local horse. The pony, whose name is not given, was reared by a Mrs. Hines; a Benvendale local. The pony was used in the local mail run, and the Crookwell Gazette estimates it travelled, in... Continue Reading →

Stories from the Whittington & Noakes family line.

This first cluster of stories are mainly concerned with members of the Whittington and Noakes families (and the families that married into them). Details on these two family groups, and the members who are most likely to be discussed here, can be found on their relevant family pages: Whittington and Noakes. More stories will be... Continue Reading →

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